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Crash is proud to announce that it will now be a lead partner in establishing MiXR, a virtual reality production lab for filmmakers, game designers and tech businesses to explore VR/AR technology in their design research.

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'Last Day of Darkness' is a documentary/concert film following the progressive metal band, Green Carnation, as they perform and discuss the origins of their incredible music, culminating in a spectacular performance at the legendary Kilden Concert Hall in Kristiansand, Norway.


In 'Shooting Ourselves', director Christine Cynn ('The Act of Killing'), captures 13 lives affected by the arms trade as they meet in a warehouse in Berlin to dramatise their stories for a unique interactive play.

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CRASH is an independent transmedia company from Denmark where cutting-edge film and new media production collide.​  Ready. Steady. CRASH.


'Shooting Ourselves Shorts' is a series of short-form interviews with the protagonists from Christine Cynn's award-winning documentary 'Shooting Ourselves'. In this anthology, people directly affected by the arms trade discuss its emotional impact on their lives.


'We Are the Gun' is an interactive digital experience that weaves together the personal stories of businessmen, soldiers, refugees, and politicians through a surreal global labyrinth of weaponry and human emotion.


'The Outcasts' explores the modern consequences of an ancient disease. While not widespread as it once was, leprosy is still a feared disease in poor countries. The film shows the stigma that accompanies the physical toll, as patients are still excluded from society in Madagascar and in Spain, in the same way as they were throughout Europe a hundred years ago.